Basic Cleaning


  • Dry Dusting of Walls and Ceiling, Removing Cobwebs
  • Cleaning Of Furniture Externally
  • Vacuuming Of Sofa, Curtains and Carpets
  • Lights Fans, Curtain rods and Switches
  • Balcony and Window Chanel vacuuming
  • Floor Mopping

House Cleaning

Services In Bangalore


  • Dry Dusting of Walls and Ceiling, Removing Of Cobwebs
  • Wardrobe Cleaning From Outside
  • Furniture Cleaning
  • Mattress and Carpets Vacuuming
  • Windows Chanel Vacuuming
  • Balcony Cleaning
  • Fan, Lights, Fixtures and Switch Board Cleaning
  • Floor Mopping


  • Dry Dusting of walls and Ceiling
  • Wall Tiles and Slab Cleaning
  • Window Chanel Vacuuming


  • Cleaning Of Walls and Flooring
  • Shower and Taps
  • Commode and Washbasin
  • Cabinet Cleaning From Inside and Outside
  • Glass and Mirror Cleaning
  • Window and Exhaust Fan


  • 1bhk = 2000
  • 2bhk = 2800
  • 3bhk = 3800
  • 4bhk = 5000
  • 5bhk and above charges on inspection

(Note = Duplex house charges extra 500rs and extra bathroom cost 500rs)

Cleaning period 5 to 8 hours (Depending on bhk)

Technicians 2 to 6 (Depending on bhk)

Note: All the lockers should be locked

Technicians will not lift heavy furniture’s, and Glass materials

Technicians will not clean the chandelier

Technicians will not scrub the flooring and not remove the hard stains and paint marks

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